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Jumat, 04 April 2014

Kalibrasi Barton

Barton Chart Recorders 

BARTON chart recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure, differential pressure, and temperature in a wide variety of applications. In addition, DP models utilize rupture-proof bellows DPU as the actuating unit — with features like overrange protection and pulsation dampening (on some models).
Model 202E 

The 202E is a 12-inch chart recorder that has been widely used in gas transmission and distribution fields – accurate calibration, even under extreme variations in static pressure and ambient temperatures. The 202E is available in 1 to 4 pen configurations (DP+3 additional pens). The additional pens can be used to record temperature and supplemental pressure data. The unit is actuated by a BARTON Model 199 DPU, with standard and NACE units available (up to 6,000 PSI/414 bar SWP) — see DPU bulletin #21700 for details. Static pressure and temperature pens are actuated by precision wound elements.

Model 202N (DP) (NACE)

The 202N is a 12-in. chart recorder designed to measure flow, static pressure, and temperature in sour gas applications. The 202N meets all NACE requirements for H2S environments, per MR-01-75 (1991 Revision) – SWP up to 2,000 PSI (138 bar). For ranges between 2,000 PSI (138 bar) and 4,500 PSI (310 bar), see optional NACE version of M202E.

The 202N is actuated by Barton’s M199 NACE DPU. Static pressure measurements are provided by precision wound K-Monel helical-type elements.

• All other features and benefits are the same as the 202E.

Model 242E (Temperature/Pressure)

The 242E is a 12-in. chart temperature and pressure recorder-receiver designed for general pressure applications.
It uses a bellows-type element for pneumatic transmitter or controller input. Receiver Bellows Our receiver bellows are made from 316 stainless steel. They can receive pneumatic output signals of 3-15 PSI (207 mbar-1 bar).

Click Link Below for full specifications:
Barton Chart Recorder Tech Sheet PDF
Chart Paper

Modern printing technology allows Cameron to provide chart paper with the highest accuracy and “chart to-chart” repeatability possible. Now when you switch out a BARTON chart with - another BARTON chart with the same part number - you can be assured that you will continue to get the same accurate and high integrity recordings. BARTON charts are specially manufactured to rigid specifications to ensure consistent chart-to-chart reproducibility.


• Repeatable and accurate chart integration.

• Factory recorder calibration.

• AGA 5 Specification.

• Long Shelf Life: Individually boxed and shrink wrapped.

• Tough Construction: Incorporate an anti-shrink and anti-stretch design and are less likely to tear.

• Crisp and Clean Images.

• Smooth, low-lint paper finish results in excellent recording characteristics and prevents plugging of the pens.

• Charts printed with water soluble resins: instead of oil based ink - to prevent blurring with water-based ink pens.

• Special design provides optimum recording results in high humidity environments.

• Consistent Results: Chart to chart consistency - as long as BARTON® charts are used.

The J8A is a compact 8-inch chart temperature and pressure recorder designed for general pressure applications. Available as a single or dual pen unit, it can use any combination of pressure measuring helical elements or temperature measuring thermal systems.

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